Stylasterias forreri (de Loriol, 1887)

Catalog Number: YPM IZ 080461
Department: Invertebrate Zoology
Scientific Name: Stylasterias forreri (de Loriol, 1887)
Taxonomy: Animalia; Echinodermata; Asterozoa; Stelleroidea; Asteroidea; Forcipulatida; Asteriadina; Asteriidae
Common Name: sea stars; echinoderms; animals
Locality: Pacific Ocean, North America; Pacific Ocean; USA; California; Monterey County; Monterey Bay
Description: IZ number 80461; lot count 1; Microslide 01, ossicles; Microslide 02, balsam, pedicellaria; Microslide 03, ossicles; other number MCZ 1823
All Determinations: Stylasterias forreri

Orthasterias forreri
HYPOTYPE. See: Verrill, Addison E. 1914. Monograph of the shallow-water starfishes of the North Pacific Coast from the Arctic Ocean to California. [Text]. Harriman Alaska Series of the United States National Museum. 14: 1-408, pls. 1-110.

Asterias enopla
Det. by: Addison E. Verrill
Preparations: microslide; microslide
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IZ.080461: Stylasterias forreri Digital Image: Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History; photo by D. Drew, 2010 metadata updated: 16 Mar 2018 06:28:38
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