Amphimedon complanata (Duchassaing, 1850)

Catalog Number: YPM IZ 065337
Department: Invertebrate Zoology
Scientific Name: Amphimedon complanata (Duchassaing, 1850)
Taxonomy: Animalia; Porifera; Demospongiae; Haplosclerida; Haplosclerina; Niphatidae
Common Name: demosponges; sponges; animals
Locality: Atlantic Ocean; Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Ocean; Caribbean Sea; USA; Virgin Islands; Saint Thomas
Description: number 65337; lot count 1; anatomical elements=fragment; original catalog number BMNH
All Determinations: Amphimedon complanata

Spongia complanata
HYPOTYPE. See: van Soest, Rob W., et al. 1983. Catalogue of the Duchassaing & Michelotti (1864) collection of West Indian sponges (Porifera). Bulletin Zoologisch Museum Universiteit van Amsterdam. 9 (21): 189-205.

Amphimedon complanata
HYPOTYPE. See: van Soest, Rob W. 1980. Marine Sponges from Curacao and other Caribbean Localities. Part II. Haplosclerida. Studies on the Fauna of Curacao and other Caribbean Islands. 62 (191): 1-172.

Haliclona complanata
HYPOTYPE. See: Wiedenmayer, Felix. 1977. Shallow-water Sponges of the Western Bahamas. Experentia Supplementum 28. 1-287, pls. 1-43.

Spongia complanata
Preparations: dry
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