Catalog Number: YPM IZ 056721
Department: Invertebrate Zoology
Scientific Name: Calcaxonia
Taxonomy: Animalia; Cnidaria; Anthozoa; Octocorallia; Alcyonacea; Calcaxonia
Common Name: soft corals; stony corals and anemones; cnidarians; animals
Locality: Southern Ocean, Antarctica; Southern Ocean; South Orkney Islands, 265-254 m
Collected: Lazo-Wasem, E. A., Antarctic Marine Living Resources Cruise 2009, Leg II, 2009-02-17
Description: IZ number 56721; lot count 1
All Determinations: Calcaxonia
Preparations: 70% alc.
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IZ.056721: Calcaxonia Digital Image: Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History; photo by E. Lazo-Wasem, 2012 metadata updated: 17 Mar 2018 18:25:06
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