Ophioderma brevispina (Say, 1825)

Catalog Number: YPM IZ 031105
Department: Invertebrate Zoology
Scientific Name: Ophioderma brevispina (Say, 1825)
Taxonomy: Animalia; Echinodermata; Asterozoa; Ophiuroidea; Ophiurida; Chilophiurina; Ophiodermatidae
Identification: Det. by: Johanna M. Reinhart
Common Name: brittle stars; basket stars; echinoderms; animals
Locality: Atlantic Ocean; Buzzards Bay, North America; Atlantic Ocean; Buzzards Bay; USA; Massachusetts; Barnstable County; Bourne; Phinney's Harbor, off road crossing narrow neck of land leading to Mashnee Island, 1-3 ft
Description: Gm Image; Gray Museum; IZ number 31105; lot count 7; original catalog number GM 1879
All Determinations: Ophioderma brevispina
Det. by: Johanna M. Reinhart
Preparations: 70% alc.->dry
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