Frigidoalvania brychia (Verrill, 1884)

Catalog Number: YPM IZ 017603.GP
Department: Invertebrate Zoology
Scientific Name: Frigidoalvania brychia (Verrill, 1884)
Taxonomy: Animalia; Mollusca; Gastropoda; Littorinimorpha; Rissooidea; Rissoidae
Common Name: snails and slugs; molluscs; animals
Locality: Atlantic Ocean, North America; Atlantic Ocean; George's Bank; SW slope of George's Bank; Corsair Canyon, 906-906 fm
Collected: U.S. Fish Comm. Stmr. Albatross, 1883-09-04
Description: number 17603; lot count 4; other number 35246
All Determinations: Frigidoalvania brychia

Alvania jan-mayeri

Cingula jan-mayeni
Preparations: dry
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