undet. Ostracoda

Catalog Number: YPM IP 516210
Department: Invertebrate Paleontology
Scientific Name: undet. Ostracoda
Taxonomy: Taxon indet.; Problematica; Crustacea
Identification: Det. by: Markus J. Martin
Common Name: ostracods; crustaceans; arthropods; animals
Locality: North America; USA; New York; Oneida County; Rome; N side of Six Mile Creek, about 0.5km S of Canterbury Road between Phillips Road and Gulf Road, "Walcott Quarry", Beecher's Trilobite Bed (BTB) Locality
Stratigraphy: Late Ordovician; Lorraine Grp; Frankfort Sh
Collected: Markus J. Martin
Description: IP number 516210; lot count 1; taphonomy=pyritized
All Determinations: Problematica
Det. by: Susan H. Butts

undet. Ostracoda
Det. by: Markus J. Martin
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