Tablet. Letter-prayer. Old Babylonian. Clay.

Catalog Number: YPM BC 018643
Original Number: YBC 04578
Department: Anthropology: Babylonian Collection
Summary Data: Tablet. Letter-prayer. Old Babylonian. Clay.
Description: BC number 18643; Babylonian Collection; date: nd; genre: archival; lines: obv10, LoE1, rev8; primary publication: YOS 2, 141 (C); citations: Driver, OECT 3, 69 (T, Tr); Stamm, MVAG 44, 54f (T, Tr); Ebeling, MAOG 16/1-2, 75 (T, Tr); van Dijk, Sagesse 13f (T, Tr); Jacobsen, Intellectual Adventure 205f (Tr); Treasures of Darkness 160 (Tr); AbB 9, No141 (T, Tr); Sommerfeld, AOAT 213, 127f (T, Tr);; transliteration: to the god, my father from Apil-Adad; original catalog number YBC 04578 4578
Materials: clay
Function: tablet
Culture Period: Old Babylonian
Primary Publication: YOS 2, 141 (C)
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BC.018643 Digital Image: Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History: photo by Wagensonner, K., 2017 ; metadata updated 2019-04-09 18:04:03
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